GCSE Computing Python Resources — Learn Python programming for GCSE Computing by developing solutions to fun and exciting real-world problems.

The ‘Using Python’ tutorial website is especially suitable for students studying GCSE Computing (and is suggested background reading for the¬†Edexcel¬†course), as the tutorials cover techniques needed for controlled assessment, including:

  • Algorithm design using flowcharts and pseudocode;
  • Python programming implementation;
  • Formative and summative testing;
  • Gathering evidence of testing

Example GCSE Computing projects

Learn Python programming for GCSE Computing by designing, developing and testing fun, playable programs, such as:

Double or quit // Interactive chat bot // Love calculator // Text-speak converter // Phone book // 2D Minecraft // Poetry generator // Hangman // Battleships // RPG game // Bingo! // Mastermind // High score table // Password protection and encryption // RGB/Hex colour converter // And more…