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Python Introduction

Oh, hi! How are you? Really? That’s amazing.

What this website isn’t.

This website isn’t meant to teach you every single thing that’s possible in Python. In my opinion, books that do that are very thick, and tedious to work through. My bookshelf at home is full of them. It’s also not meant to be a complete reference for looking up keywords and stuff… That’s what Google’s for.

…and what it is.

This website will give you practical experience in using Python to solve fun and interesting real-world problems.

How to use this website.

Well you’re reading this bit now, which is a good start. You should just start at the beginning and read it through to the end, without skipping bits out.

But don’t just read it. As you read, type in every line of code and every program that you see. This will make things way more interesting, and you’ll learn much faster by actually doing what you read about.

And finally, the answers to the challenges are all available, but don’t be tempted to just copy them. Try your best to solve the challenge yourself first. I’ll be here to guide you, though, so there’s no need to be afraid.

OK, I’ll stop talking now.

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